Timanfaya, Lanzarote (shield volcano)


Thank you Becky who sent this inspiring card from this incredible location.


Watch this clip for a taste of the Mountains of Fire:

The shield volcanoes of the Canary Islands are oceanic hot spot volcanoes above a slow-moving, thick oceanic plate off the north-west coast of Morocco and Western Sahara. The ones in Lanzarote are the oldest of the group and were formed between 1730 and 1736. Notice how sharp and un-weathered the volcanic rock is:

Photo: Getty Images

A shield volcano typically has a relatively broad base and low height compared to a composite or cinder volcano because of its runny lava flowing a long distance before cooling:

Image: Science Ideas


Find out more about this fascinating site at Volcano Discovery.

Thank you also to Debbie and Steve, who also visited the National Park and sent the same card:


And here’s another fantastic postcard from the same place, this one’s from Toby:


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