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Geography Cat began in June 2017 when he built a website to help students of GCSE Geography prepare for their exams. It’s only right to mention that his human assistant helped him a bit; not only does Geography Cat lack opposable thumbs, but he also has no money whatsoever. Therefore his human assistant had to step in and use her bank card to pay for the domain name, and bits and bobs to get his site up and running.


In the first year the website grew and Geography Cat received just over 33 000 hits. In the big online cloud of virtual existance that isn’t very many at all; but for one cat and his (already over-worked and under-paid) human just trying to help teenagers do well in geography it’s a great success.

But being a geographer is more than passing your exam! It’s about observing, appreciating, respecting, preserving, improving, challenging, inspiring and motivating from one tiny corner of the world to the next. And so, Geography Cat has started Project Postcard.

This is how it works:

  1. You send him a postcard from wherever you are, and wherever you go.
  2. He receives it and shares it with everyone else in a blog post
  3. He locates it on a growing Project Postcard Map
  4. You (and lots of other people) read his blog and learn a little bit at a time about lots of different places
  5. You (and all those all people) start looking at the world like geographers

Where should you send your postcard?

Geography Cat – PO Box 10716 – Nottingham – NG5 0JW – United Kingdom

What’s in it for you?

Taking part in this is making a small contribution to something good, namely the increased engagement of people in learning about the world. You’re never too old or young to learn something about somewhere new. Sending a postcard will cost at least the price of the postage, but the value it will give to Geography Cat’s readership is the sort of genuine inspiration and love for geography and the environment that money simply can’t buy.

Why does Geography Cat prefer snail-mail to email?

Because a physical postcard takes a little time to arrive, it is an example of delayed gratification and reminds us all that anything worth doing is worth putting a little time and a little effort into. Patience isn’t just a virtue, it’s a skill!

What if you can’t find a postcard to send?

If you send your photo and message to Geography Cat has the capability to make a postcard for you. The photograph must be taken by you, and don’t forget to give your location. Geography Cat cannot do this every time, but it is helpful for some locations where postcards are not readily available.

Where can I read more about Geography Cat, or contact him?

Follow him on Facebook


Twitter: @GeographyCat


Go to his website, have a look around.

If you’re a GCSE Geography student you might prefer to go directly to his model answer blog.

If you still have questions try the Frequently Asked Questions page.