Shirley L In an age of being able to find just about anything online in the most clinical way, often without context and no real confidence in its accuracy, Geography Cat’s Project Postcard brings together bite-sized facts about diverse and seemingly random subjects (from Hot Springs through Geological Time to GIS in a single day!) and provides links to relevant sites to promote further learning. Alongside this, more detailed, but still interesting and often entertaining blog posts and revision guides encourage everyone, from kittens to older cats like me, to find out more about this precious planet. Thank you, Geography Cat (and, of course, your loyal staff) x 🐱  

Sara L I didn’t really like geography at school a few decades ago. If Geography Cat had existed, then I would have been much more engaged. It’s a great quirky way of learning without it feeling like a chore. This is a unique project and is great because it’s interactive and we can get involved by sending you postcards and checking back to see if they are on the map. For me the initial draw was because of the cat element – I love cats and if it had been without the cat, I probably wouldn’t have been as enthusiastic and spread the word to friends, colleagues and fellow cat lovers, but that was my way in and now that I am in it isn’t just about the cats, it’s about the geography (but don’t tell the cat!)  

Jonas WL It is always a pleasure to see an update from Geography Cat in my newsfeed. Our world is truly a world of magnificent sights, and Geography Cat brings it all together in one, wonderful gallery.       

Dominique F I like geography and I like cats, put the two together and you have the most wonderful combination. The postcards are such a simple, effective idea making geography accessible and relevant. There should be more cats in education.

Louise C I look forward to seeing where the next postcards have come from and “where next” to read up on. It’s a very gentle, kind way of seeing the world and learning more about different places, without making it feel like learning. The audience participation element of everyone sending their postcards keeps it random, interesting and means that you’re intrigued to see where else Geography Cat followers have been!       

Elke U I think your project is great. I like geography. But to see the cards and to read about all the different places is so much fun. I really enjoy that. It is more interesting than in school.       

Michelle HD  Love reading Geography Cat’s posts as well as looking at the postcards. Recently the post on Rwanda was fascinating- love the gorillas, but who knew about the gender equality, what the capital is, and the efficiency and cleanliness in the capital. Eye-opening facts that make learning interesting and fun so long after my school days.       

Kelley BG  I just love that there are so many people all over the world who are connecting with each other to tell a little about where they are from or where they have been. It shows the world isn’t such a big place after all when you can share your story with and learn from others.       

Reelika J I think it’s a wonderful project. Knowledge about our wonderful planet, especially about places known and also remote is a must have. People with not so good and also great education have here a wonderful chance to know more. Perhaps this is a way we learn to protect what we love and understand…. we only have one home; this green ball we live on.       

Handsome, and great at geography. What a combination!

Cat McT Love all the pictures on the cards. Mum did geography at school 30+yrs ago & loved it then. You are never too old to learn more. Also the cat is super cute.       

Helene B I have always loved Geography, more about the places and people than physical geography. I still love documentaries on TV. I’m still learning although I’m not that young anymore. I am very lucky to have travelled to so many wonderful places. I lived in Singapore as a teenager for two years and have also lived in Gibraltar.       

Kai W Wish that I’d had a resource like Geography Cat when I was at school – would have been such an amazing help!      

Kate McM I took Geography at school in the ‘70s & failed my O level abysmally. I did well in other subjects so I guess it was the way I was taught. Let me tell you Geography Cat & your clever, clever teacher if I’d been taught by you two I’d have loved Geography, it would have inspired, motivated & excited me. Your students are so lucky, well done for such inspirational & amazing teaching practice. 👏🐈😊       

Helen Y It’s brilliant to have this fantastic online geography resource. The geography community are great at sharing good practice and the Geography Cat website is an example of this in action. Great work!       

Betsy F The post cards are beautiful and make me want to visit all the lovely places. But many of the places have gritty and important pasts. For instance, the postcard of my hometown, Pittsburgh, makes it look clean and modern. However, the city was once dirty and smoky as a result of steel mills and other industries. They made the steel that was used to make bridges and buildings (including the Empire State Building), and vehicles and arms to fight many wars. The quaint train, Oil City and Titusville R R, originated in the town where the first commercial oil we’ll was drilled. The oil was placed on open barrels and floated downstream to market. Boom towns arose on the banks of the creek. Oil sloshed everywhere, and would soon replace whale oil in lamps around the world. I believe that there are fascinating stories behind each of the locales represented. I hope your students are able to enjoy the history of the places represented by the post cards.       

Elizabeth W A Great Fun Way To Learn About Different Towns and Cities Of An Area In The World. 😊❤       

GC enjoys nature documentaries

Laurie E Geography Cat reconnected me to planet earth and the fascinating world we live in. Elephant Island Endurance Expedition is something I had never heard of before. How the rough seas changed their landing site; and how there was was no radio connection, had me pondering how times had changed. A very dangerous adventure. Sabrah, Borneo postcard showed a train in a rainforest environment. Deforestation due to Palm Oil Plantations is destroying the environment. This destruction may include animals not yet discovered, that we will never discover. There is a trade-off of what we remove from the earth, to produce a product.        

ReVonda GC Geography Cat is an amazing way to teach geography. It gives everybody a connection to places far and wide. I am from North Carolina, USA. I’m 49 years old, the first time I saw Geography Cat on Facebook, I said: “I have to do that!” The page helps me to feel connected to the larger world! And I love cats! Thanks Geography Cat!! 😻       

Stéphanie L Bonjour, je préfère écrire en Français, peut être que cela prouvera que votre projet a dépassé vos frontières. Votre projet, nous rapproche, et nous permets de ne pas oublier qu il existe sur terre des endroits merveilleux et riche en histoire-géographie… J aime beaucoup Greography Cat.👍       

Marina K Это гениальный проект! Благодаря Географическому Коту столько интересных мест мы уже знаем! Меня зовут Марина, я живу в Казахстане, в небольшом городе Кокшетау, примерно в 102 км находится наш любимый курорт Боровое, очень красивый и чудесный уголок природы. Я рада, что мои открытки из Казахстана увидят огромное количество людей по всему миру! ☺ Thanks Geography Cat 😺🐾🐾👍 Welcome to Kazakhstan 🌍😉💕       

Gail F Geography is the most fascinating subject ever. I love being able to visit new places and immediately understand a little bit about how a landscape came into being. It’s like having the translation of a book in a foreign language.       

Jessica B I have always enjoyed geography. Learning about faraway places and people, cultures and climates is a way to “travel” the world. So inspired by Geography Cat’s efforts! By the way, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a great place on a Great Lake. Come visit us!       

Stephanie B Welcome to Savannah, GA. Home of the only known graves located in a runway in the world! Amongst plenty of other neat places, like Wormsloe Plantation, River Street, Tybee Island, home of the Girl Scouts, and home of the 3rd largest St Patrick’s Day parade in the U.S.!        

Silvian H Finding Geography Cat, and the chance of not only keeping up-to-date on the subject, but also reading from people of different countries is a real treat. From Costa Rica, muchas gracias y mucha suerte.       

Nancy W Geography Cat helps to engage our interest in geography and the world around us by being fun and engaging. I smile when thinking of this hardworking cat!       

Fiona DMcD My little boy was amazed how many places had sent you a card! But no one from our little town! It’s a bit crooked but people a”spire” from here!       

Jenny A An amazing way to facts and figures around Britain and even the world well done count me in xxxx       

Alison McI Great  

Clare E I was a great disappointment to my geography teacher. He had absolutely no interest in geography whatsoever. Now, if I had had Geography Cat’s fascinating blogs, it might have been a different story……lol       

Kate J I just read your insightful blog post about Rwanda, and I so appreciate learning more about that beautiful country. I love your project, and hope you hear from many more people around the world       

Regina M I had geography in 4th grade (states) and 5th grade (countries). I remember there were 15 African countries. Then in college, I had geography for teachers. The professor was amazing and I never missed a class. I have two games on my iPad called Stack the States and Stack the Countries. I try to instil a love of Geography in the young people in the family. It’s an uphill battle.