Ike tours the Yorkshire Dales – Final day

Ike and the Mr Men were as excited as Heather and Mark were to see the sun come out for their last day of exploring. The first stop was a drive over the famous Buttertubs Pass. If heights make you feel queasy this may not be the best road for you! However, as Ike was wearing his seatbelt, he felt perfectly happy, and he was very glad it was so sunny!

The Buttertubs Pass is a high road in the Yorkshire Dales. The road winds its way north from Simonstone, near Hawes, towards Thwaite and Muker, past 20-metre-deep (66 ft) limestone potholes called the Buttertubs. It is said that the name of the potholes came from the times when farmers would rest there on their way to market. During hot weather they would lower the butter they had produced into the potholes to keep it cool.

The next stop was the small pretty village of Reeth. Reeth is a village 11 miles west of Richmond, in North Yorkshire. It is the principal settlement of upper Swaledale. The origin of the name Reeth is unclear. It is possibly derived from the Germanic for ‘place by the stream’. While this claim can neither be confirmed nor denied, Reeth could also have been derived from the Cumbric rith meaning ‘Ford’. Both would make sense as Reeth is located near two shallow rivers.

Reeth later became a centre for hand-knitting and the local lead industry was controlled from here, but it was always a market centre for the local farming community. Ike and the Mr Men were happy to wander round the square in the sunshine, and gather the answers for their last Adventure Lab. This included a visit to the local Community Orchard, which was gorgeous in the sunshine.

The Community Orchard Garden is a tranquil spot in the centre of Reeth. It’s open all year round and the the passing of the seasons can be seen in the variety of plants, trees and flowers in the garden. The project to transform a previously derelict site began in 2002 and after hard work by volunteers the garden was opened in 2004. From April to September the garden closes at 8pm, and from October to March it closes at 4:30pm. It was also the final question to complete this Adventure Lab Cache.

Ike and the Mr Men then made one final stop on the way home. It was very sunny at the Ford across the river, on the road to Langthwaite. This ford featured in the original All Creatures Great & Small. It was peaceful and tranquil by the river, the perfect place for Ike’s last Adventure on this holiday with the Mr Men.

Then they all went home to enjoy one last cosy evening with their paws by the fire. Then it was hugs all round the next day, and Ike packed his bags to go home. The Mr Men are sure they will see him again soon!

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  1. Lovely countryside and old cottages. The river and waterfalls must have been inviting you all to take a break and relax.

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