Ike tours the Yorkshire Dales – Part 10

After a few dry days during his adventure with Heather and Mark, the weather was back to pouring with rain, so all thoughts of the planned walk were abandoned, and instead Ike went to visit Sedbergh, the book town! It’s a very good place to go on a wet day. Sedbergh is England’s official Book Town.

You can choose from a huge variety of books, from cheap reads to collectables, available from a wide range of book sellers in shops & cafes. You can even sit and read a book in the Book Shelter! It has three independent bookshops within the town itself, ranging from the massive Westwood Books to the smaller Clutterbooks.

What makes Sedbergh special though is that many of that many of the cafes, pubs and shops also stock books too – making it a real sanctuary for bibliophiles. Ike especially enjoyed Westwood books, which was truly HUGE, he could have spent much longer in there!

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