Ike tours the Yorkshire Dales – Part 9

After such an epic adventure the previous day, Ike, Heather, Mark,and the Mr Men had a lie in before taking a walk around by where they were staying. They wanted to finally get the Hawes Church multi-cache, for which they had worked out the coordinates a few days ago. They followed a footpath, and enjoyed the views of Wensleydale, before coming to part of the old packhorse route from Settle to Hawes, see the accompanying photo with information.

They walked up the packhorse route, which is now a rough farm track, drivable, but definitely not fast! They found two caches along here, the Hawes Church Multi and a very large box, in which they finally got to leave their very big Yorkshire swappable, a cricket ball!

After all that walking, they were glad to walk down hill, and have tea and cake in Hawes!