Ike tours the Yorkshire Dales – Part 7

Just a small Adventure for Heather, Mark and Ike today. Ike & the Mr Men went back to the small village of Hardraw, as it was very close to where they were staying. They wanted to look for one large geo-cache, which was up the hill from the little hamlet.

This cache was situated on a track called Pen Lane which linked coal pits in Cotterdale to the east with Hardraw, just north of Hawes. Coal was used as a fuel from the earliest times in the Dales, and although it was not of the best quality, often being rather shaley, it was used domestically to heat homes and for cooking, and was also used in lime kilns.

Ike and Mr Men were impressed with the nice big, well hidden box. Ike also admired the views over Wensleydale, and on the way back, a sheep gate.

This is a small wooden gate, inside a dry stone wall, sometimes it’s just an opening not a gate, though this one had a nice snug wooden gate on it. It’s for letting sheep in and out of fields, without damaging the dry stonewalls. It’s too small for humans, though small humans (children), might squeeze through for a bit of fun! Then it was back to the cottage to lay in front of the fire and dream of the next Adventure!

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  1. A geologically and historically rich part of the UK. Many a film have been made in the Yorkshire Dales too. Lovely to see the scenery and reading about the earth cashes and geo-cashes. Thanks to this amazing team!

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