Ike tours the Yorkshire Dales – Part 5

After a day spent chilling by the fire in the cottage with Heather and Mark, Ike and the Mr Men were ready for another adventure. It finally stopped raining for a while so they decided to venture forth and admire the waterfalls at Aysgarth, which after 3 days of steady rain, would certainly be a lot fuller than seen on the news in August!

Aysgarth Falls are a triple flight of waterfalls, surrounded by woodland and farmland, carved out by the River Ure, over an almost one-mile (two-kilometre) stretch on its descent to mid-Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales. The falls are quite spectacular after heavy rainfall as thousands of gallons of water cascade over the series of broad limestone steps, which are divided into three stages: Upper Force, Middle Force and Lower Force.

Today Ike and the Mr Men were admiring Upper Force. Aysgarth Falls have attracted visitors for more than 200 years, including John Ruskin, J.M.W. Turner and William Wordsworth who all visited and enthused about the falls’ outstanding beauty. All three falls were featured in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

The Mr Men showed Ike how to find a very large traditional geo-cache, a short way from the Falls, along the river bank, it was a large, well hidden box! Ike was very impressed.

Then they all set off to Masham, to go on the Theakstons Brewery Tour, They were able to see the operation of one of the oldest working breweries in the country, considered an icon in British brewing and famed as the home of one of the world’s most famous beers, Theakston Old Peculiar.

They joined one of the guided tours and experienced first-hand the craft and skill that goes into brewing the legendary beers; the brewing process is built on almost two centuries of tradition, passed down through five generations of the Theakston family. The guide was entertaining and informative and Ike learnt how much time and care goes into brewing the legendary beers. Founded in 1827, the ‘new’ brewery used today was completed in 1875 and has been in full production ever since. Some of the equipment and vessels that are used every day were installed when the brewery was built and are a major factor in the creation of the unique beers brewed for which Theakston is famed. Our personal tour guide took us all around the 4-storey Victorian Tower Brewery where we all experienced the sights, sounds and smells of brewing here at Theakston Brewery. The guided tour took approximately 45 mins and ends in the Theakston Paradise Bar where everyone can sample the legendary ale! As Ike might possibly have been under the age limit, it was another pocket ride! But Ike has discovered you can still see and hear quite a lot from a good pocket! And he still managed a quick photo opportunity at the end!

Then Ike and the Mr Men decided to have a wander round the square in Masham, in glorious sunshine! They were able to complete the Adventure Lab for Masham, then sat on a bench to enjoy a most delicious fish and chip supper. Ike highly approves of fish and the Mr Men love chips, so everyone was happy.

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