Ike visits Pompeii

Ike has enjoyed a wonderful trip to Italy with his good friends Cheryl and Dave. Here are some photographs of their day at Pompeii, the Roman city destroyed by the 79AD. eruption of Mount Vesuvius. That momentus eruption seems like a long time ago to humans and pussy cats, but geologically speaking it’s hardly but a moment ago! If you want to find out more about that eruption we recommend the History site here, or if you want to check on Vesuvius’ current activity look here.

2 Replies to “Ike visits Pompeii”

  1. Did Geography Cat encounter many cats living within the ruins of Pompei? I took my Pussycat to the Athenian Parthenon and we encountered many friends on the slopes of the acropolis

  2. So many interesting artefacts have been found as well as corpses found in positions trying to escape the heat and poisonous gases from the eruption 🌋. Perfectly preserved.

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