Ike & Antony Across America – 1

Friends of Geography Cat will already know that our intrepid stunt double Ike is joining Antony on his epic adventure across America. This week they travelled from Yorkshire to New York, where they will begin their 4000 mile, three month cycle ride on 23rd April:

Having landed safely Ike and Antony had a busy few days in New York. They’ve seen all sorts – from Amsterdam Avenue, harking back to New York’s previous life as a Dutch Colony, when it was called New Amsterdam:

From there he had a look through the windows of the natural history museum before going through an amble in Central Park, where he enjoyed seeing the Swedish Cottage (now home to a marionette theatre) and the Belvedere Castle:

Then Ike took pride of place on the bike whilst Antony was interviewed for the ITV news:

After going to have a look at Antony’s friend’s theatre….

They saw the Empire State Building:

Ike had a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (where he asked to be held onto very tightly as he’s not passed his swimming proficiency yet). From there, he took a cable car over the East River, where he had a look at the old Smallpox Hospital located on Roosevelt Island. Before asking to head home for a catnap, Ike had time to show that the Fight against Polio statue of Roosevelt installed on the island was purr-fectly designed for him:

Now Ike is all tucked up and excited for setting off on his 4000 mile bike ride tomorrow morning – although unfortunately his legs are too short for the pedals so Antony is going to have to do all the work!

If you’re not already following Antony Across America or Antony’s Facebook page or his twitter feed then purrlease do. And of course, you can catch up with Ike & Antony’s adventures here too.