Happy New Year from Ike

Last year Ike travelled over 140 000 miles around the globe, but this year he hasn’t quite managed 10 000. This wouldn’t have been possible without Ike’s most excellent hosts and everyone here at GC HQ would like to say a huge furry thank you to Sara, Heather, Cheryl, Jane, Marian, Helen and Traff for sharing their travels with us all. Here are just a few of Ike’s highlights from 2021, and I’d like to remind you that they all remain available in full on this blog:

For his final adventure of the year Ike came home to GC HQ:

If you’d like to take Ike somewhere with you, or show him around your local area, and then share the experience with GC’s lovely followers please do get in touch. Thank you to everyone who has sent a postcard this year, everyone who has followed GC, and who has contributed to making this corner of cyberspace a good place to be.

Happy New Year 2022 to you all,

with love from Geography Cat, Ike, Mike

& the human assistants

xx X xx

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