Ike sees the Cairngorm Reindeers

Ike was excited to discover that some reindeer from the Cairngorms were coming to Hamilton. The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd is Britain’s only free-ranging herd of reindeer. These tame and friendly animals are a joy to all who come and see them. Reindeer are not just for Christmas!

There are currently around 150 reindeers in the herd, mostly ranging on the Cairngorm Mountains with the remainder on the Glenlivet Estate, the locations being some 30 miles apart.

When Ike and Jane arrived to see the reindeer he saw that they would be pulling Santa’s sleigh, and so a large crowd had formed to watch. The reindeers were being kept in a pen and were being attended to by their human helpers. The day had started with heavy rain but it stopped just before the Reindeer Parade. Ike watched as the reindeers were prepared for their task:

Looking around, Ike noticed a very tall man looking over at him and so he went over to get a closer look at the giant, and even took a selfie.

A brass band was ready and waiting to lead the parade. The excitement among the crowd was mounting and everyone was getting ready for the parade.

Some members from the Old Parish Church were dressed up as characters from the nativity, including the shepherds, wise men, and angels, all of whom followed behind the band.  And behind them were the reindeers, pulling Santa on his sleigh.

Ike was thrilled to receive a special wave from Santa, and loved seeing the reindeers in action. Then he set off into town to see the decorations.

Ike enjoyed all the decorations, but having just seen the real thing, this singing reindeer really tickled his whiskers!

Ike was very grateful to Jane for taking him into Hamilton and showing him all the festive things. It’s been another hard year for so very many people, but he really appreciated the efforts to bring some cheer. Thank you to everyone who goes to the trouble of making Christmas special for others.