Ike loves Edinburgh Castle of Light

Jane took Ike to Edinburgh Castle of Light, and he loved it!

This is a spectacular light show showing various images of Scotland. On entering the castle. Ike was welcomed by Rex, the famous red lion:

Ike and friends then walked up to the portcullis gate and saw some roarsome images of the lion of Scotland, and a dragon:

After walking through the portcullis gate there was a display on the castle rock on the left giving the history of Scotland. Ike learned that in the 17th century an elephant was brought to Scotland by soldiers, and that the unicorn was the national animal of Scotland.

They walked down to the square with the Earl Haig statue, and there they saw some more images being projected onto the wall of the hospital:

Back at the main part of the castle, they saw the life cycle of a dragon on the castle walls:

And two dancing unicorns.

Ike loved the whole light show, but one of his favourite sections was the projections of flowers on the wall of the National War Memorial:

Their next stop was in the Crown Square to enjoy the display on the front wall of the Royal Palace. Ike learned that the Honours of Scotland, or Scottish Crown Jewels, are the oldest crown jewels in Britain and were hidden in a chest in Edinburgh Castle after the Union of 1707. The English Crown Jewels have been used for Coronations since the Union.

The Honours remined locked away in a chest in Edinburgh Castle until they were found by a party led by Sir Walter Scott on 4 February 1818. Since then they have been on public display in the Castle.

During the Second World War they were again hidden in Edinburgh Castle in the event of a German invasion. Only King George Vl, The Scottish Secretary of State, the King’s Remembrancer and the Governor General of Canada knew where they were hidden.

The gemstones of the Honours of Scotland were projected too, including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and pearls:

And the Saltire, the national flag of Scotland:

Ike was quite in awe. Then he noticed Ike an image of St Margaret, mother of King David l, on another wall. The chapel in the castle is named after her:

On leaving the castle, Ike and his friends took a look back at the spectacular lights being reflected onto the main entrance. It had been an entrancing evening.

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