Ike enjoys Christmas at Chatsworth

Geography Cat’s very own humans took Ike to Chatsworth to enjoy the Christmas market, the decorated house and the garden lights.

Chatsworth House is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and has been in the family for 16 generations. It lies in the Derbyshire Dales and is a popular destination for day trips from all over the Midlands. Ike loved the Christmas market, where he met a lovely gentleman named Patrick (Cooke & Sons traditional street organ grinders), who kindly took the time to explain the workings of this beautiful and melodious street organ:

Ike was very impressed by the mackerel sky above the stable gates:

And he loved the way the light changed as dusk grew on:

Then it was time to enter the house, so Ike wiped his paws and prepared himself to be enchanted by the beautiful Christmas trees within:

And he certainly wasn’t disappointed:

He especially liked some of the creative touches:

Snow on the inside, and the out:

It was cold outside, but the grounds looked superb:

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  1. Chatsworth at Christmas looks absolutely beautiful – thank you for sharing!

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