Ike spends the day looking around the Arsenala district of Kyiv, Ukraine

On his third and final day in Ukraine with Cheryl and Dave, Ike 3 spent the day seeing some of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city.

Their first stop was at the world’s deepest underground station Arsenala, which is 105.5 metres underground. Ike had to go down 2 extremely long escalators that seemed to take forever to reach to the bottom.

After a short ride, Ike, Cheryl and Dave arrived in the Arsenala area of Kiev, which looked to be a very up-and-coming area. They visited the Victoria museum that had a fabulous collection of original dresses from the era.  

Next they walked to Mariinsky Park and saw the Mariinsky Palace,  all very blue and pretty, but unfortunately they could not go inside.

In the park Ike noticed a number of statues of very stern-looking men and on the observation deck the sculpture called ‘Director,Observer’ dedicated to Ukrainian film director Andriy Benkendorf, and like all good tourists he had a photo taken sat on the chair.

Our trio of adventurers headed back to the Arsenala area and visited the Kiev food market, in what was once an arsenal, hence the name. They had some nice food and drink and headed back to the hotel tired but happy, ready for a good nights sleep before their flight home in the morning. It had been a tiring but fabulous 3 days in Ukraine, although they’d only saw a very small bit of Kiev itself. 

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  1. Fascinating! Looks like a wonderful place to visit!
    I will add that to the list…

  2. I love your adventure Ike. Your sweater must keep you warm. It’s lovely. I think I would love the Victoria Museum from your last days there.

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