Ike goes to Kyiv, Ukraine

Ike, Cheryl and Dave arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine and promptly got lost!

But they saw some great things whilst getting sore feet and walking 20km.   Firstly they saw Saint Andrew’s Church, right at the top of a very steep hill with a viewing point. Saint Andrews Church was built between 1747 and 1754 and was design by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrell. As of 1968, the Church has been a museum, a landmark of cultural heritage.

 Next onto Saint Michael’s Monastery,  a beautiful golden-domed building.

Then onto Saint Sophia Cathedral where Ike showed off his new crocheted sweater (thank you Cheryl!).

In the square by Saint Sophia Cathedral stands the Bohdan Khmelnytsky Monument, you can find out more about this national hero, and the artist who sculptured him, here.

Also nearby is the statue dedicated to the Soviet film Chasing Two Hares. Newly-wed couples often have their photos taken with it, whilst men rub the bug on his back for wealth and good luck, her nose for good health and apparently some single women rub the lady’s ring in the hope of getting married soon. The final scenes of the film where shot in front of Saint Andrew’s church. 

Our travellers walked past this lovely mural, one of many in the city:

And they saw this monument to Petra Sagaidachnogo, but we have not been able to find out anything about the man, or the artist.

Ike enjoys a view of the city from St Andrew’s Church:

Ike visited Ukraine in Autumn 2021. Everyone at GC HQ is thinking of the people of Ukraine during this awful war.