Ike enjoys the Riverside Walk by Malton

Ike, Heather and the Mr Men were happy to have sunshine again, for their 5th day of Caching and Walking. This time they headed for the Riverside Walk, where they had seen some of the Mosaics last time. Firstly, armed with an extra clue, they returned to the cache they couldn’t find on Day One, and this time they found it! So they were very happy. (It was a sneaky one!). Ike noticed he walked passed some more of the Malton and Norton Heritage Trail, so he stopped to read the notices and learn some history.

They then walked across the County Bridge again, past the fire station, across Orchard Fields, and onto the riverside path. As it was beautiful and sunny, there were lots of dog walkers around. However, after quite a bit of discreet searching in between passing walkers, Ike and the Mr Men found the well-disguised cache! They also stopped to admire some of the mosaics.

They knew the next cache was very hard, and spent a long time searching, but this time they couldn’t find it, so they set off walking along the disused railway line to the next cache. This was a scramble up a banking, fortunately lots of hand holds, it was a tough one, but they got it! Now….how to get back down!

They found a way from the disused railway line, back to the road, and realised they were now in the top part of town, so they headed for the coordinates they got yesterday, for the last Fine Pair Multi Cache. Sat on a wall to eat sandwiches and discreetly find the now-familiar cache type! Another postbox.

So this made 4 Caches for today, bringing the total number to 25 Caches in 5 days, and 40 miles walked! Ike and the Mr Men headed home again, just managing to dodge a very heavy rain shower! This was the completion of their Caching/Walking holiday….but there was one more adventure tomorrow, which involved a lot less walking!

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