Ike stretches his legs around Malton, North Yorkshire (Part 3)

You’re joining Ike and Heather on their third leg of his walk, if you missed the first and second parts you can catch them by clicking on the links you have just read past.

After admiring the race training grounds and the sign for the Howardian Hills, Ike made his way back to Malton bypass. Here they found another cache tucked in a safe hiding location. Then Ike braved a look at the Malton Bypass! Don’t worry, he was very safe while doing so!

Ike stood in a safe location and had a look at the Malton By-pass / A64 Originally budgeted to cost £220,000 in 1939 Tenders were finally invited early in 1977 and in June of that year a contract was awarded to Dowsett Engineering Construction Ltd. in the sum of £5,513,520.04. Completed Easter 1979 – cost in excess of £7m There is a viewpoint from a bridge where you can safely see the Malton By-pass. Sunday evenings see long tail-backs as day-trippers to Scarborough and Whitby head back to the Cities of York and Leeds.

This was now a long walk! And the Mr Men and Ike were flagging slightly, so after stopping to drink water, they then made it to the next cache, near some allotments. This was a nice size box, and they were pleased to discover a butterfly Trackable inside, so they swapped it for a car! After signing the log, they made it to the last cache, which was now back at the edge of Malton.

The last Cache was another tiny one, and one to highlight the history of Malton. This one was near the site of the St Michael’s School. The building now known as The Mount Hotel was built in 1870 as a school for girls. It was first called Prospect House but later became St Michael’s School. It was closed at the beginning of WW2.

This was the 10th Cache of the day! 10 Caches, 10 miles, by the time they also walked back to their holiday accommodation! Ike and the Mr Men had a long snooze that night! But happy dreams about the beautiful scenery they saw!