Macabre geo-caching for Ike in North Yorkshire

Sunday is always a chill out day on holidays….so after some snoozing, Heather, Mark, Ike and the Mr Men headed out for a short walk, and one cache. This was a historical Puzzle Cache the Mr Men had solved before coming. After doing a Whodunnit the day before, Ike was introduced to an even more gruesome subject today! He learned last time, that though the cache itself may look ordinary, it can still have some information attached to it, so you still learn something.

This cache was all about the history of female serial killers and murderers, who were hanged for their crimes! This included Mary Ann Cotton, thought to be the worst female serial killer in 19th Century England, who killed more than 21 victims. She killed three husbands for the insurance money! And is thought to have killed up to 11 of her children. She was hanged in 1873.

Ike also learnt about Catherine Foster, who was only 17 years old when she was hanged for the crime of poisoning her husband. She was the last woman to be hanged in Suffolk, in April 1847.

After learning all the facts and crunching the numbers, Ike & the Mr Men walked down to find the actual cache. This was a VERY tiny one, hidden in a clever location and took them ages to find! They almost gave up, but then….yay! They found it!