Ike doesn’t land on the Moon, but he takes one small step closer…

On today’s drive Ike, Helen and Traff detoured from the main road into an area where NASA trained for the Moon landings.

In 1965 & 1967, thirty-two would-be astronauts went to Northern Iceland to learn how to select the best rock samples as it was thought that the basalt rocks and volcanic geology of Iceland’s barren highlands were the most Moon-like of any training area. In the end, nine of the twelve people who have landed on the moon took part in this training, including Neil Armstrong.

Next stop was Ásbyrgi Canyon, which Ike visited last year. This time though he went to the Botnstjörn lake at the end of the canyon and watched the birds. He also found some more information on how the canyon was formed.

On the way out someone was stood on the top of the Eyjan (Island) where Ike took a picture last year (in his jumper look!) – you can see how high it is!

And finally Ike was back in Húsavík – home of the whales and the story of Fire Saga!! While Helen & Traff went to the GeoSea pool, Ike wandered around the harbour where Molly Sanden sung “Husavik” for the Oscars this year. And as they were playing Ja Ja Ding Dong he had a little dance!

2 Replies to “Ike doesn’t land on the Moon, but he takes one small step closer…”

  1. The moonscape zone used as a practice area for rock selection by astronauts looks awe inspiring.

  2. Beautiful photos. I will have to look up Ja Ja Ding Dong😂. It looks like Ike had an interesting time. First I’d read about the moon training. I was 8 when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

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