Snowy summer Icelandic fjords & waterfalls with Ike

The day’s plan was to visit 3 fjords – after the puffins in Borgarfjörður it was 1 down, 2 to go.

Next was Seyðisfjörður. To get there you have to go over the Fjarðarheiði pass which is 600m high and still snow covered in summer. In winter this is often completely impassable, which will be known to fans of Scandi Crime Drama as the first season of ‘Trapped’ is set in Seyðisfjörður after a murder is discovered when the town is cut off from the rest of Iceland.

On the way down into the town Ike stopped at the Gufufoss waterfall. The spray was nice and cooling but he didn’t get too close just in case…

After a quick look at the town, and spotting the ferry terminal (scene of a lot of the action in Trapped), Ike was on his way to the third and most remote fjord of the day.

The road to Mjóifjörður is also over a 500m+ mountain pass. But as the population of the whole fjord is only about 25 people the road is not cleared of snow and so is closed from around October to May. There is a ferry though that runs twice a week to the next fjord.

But all that meltwater means another beautiful waterfall with a long name – Klifbrekkufossar. In fact there were too many waterfalls to count so Ike gave up trying!

After a quick stop in the tiny village of Brekku the journey back to base began to get some sleep before a return tomorrow to ‘Í heimabær minn’…

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  1. The waterfalls are very distinctive. I can imagine this area being impassable in winter.

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