Ike in Iceland – Day 2

Akureyri and the Eyjafjarðardalur valley

After waking up, a busy day was ahead for Ike! The drive to Akureyri goes through Vatnsskarð and Öxnadalsheiði passes. As well as some impressive scenery these have provided several Icelandic poets. Ike stopped to look at a monument to one of them, Stephan G Stephansson. Even though it is summer the wind was still strong so Ike didn’t linger.

But by the time Ike arrived in Akureyri it was a beautiful day – in fact a lot warmer than England! Even though it is Iceland’s second city it is not very big. But to make waiting in traffic nicer, all the red lights are hearts!

So after a quick coffee Ike was on the road again through the Eyjafjarðardalur valley. This is an agricultural area so there were lots of horses, cows, sheep and farmers mowing the meadows for the grass to feed the animals through the winter.

Then to make up for yesterday’s fisherman dressing up, Ike and Helen let Traff go to the Akureyri Motorcycle Museum. There were lots of different bikes, including a 2 seater moped used by the Akureyri police many years ago and a motorbike with a ski at the front instead of a wheel for driving in snow!

Ike is staying at another farm tonight- this time Bingo the dog and 2 pigs came to greet him!