Ike goes back to Iceland – Day 1

Eyrarbakki and Þingvallavatn

Ike started his all new 2021 Iceland adventure from the small town of Eyrarbakki. Ike’s guides Helen and Traff popped in to see their local friend Tómas and to bring him an edition of Monopoly from their hometown, York. Tómas is a collector of Icelandic games but he is also interested in Monopoly sets. The weather was lovely so Ike started with a drive around lake Þingvallavatn. This is the second largest natural lake in Iceland and was where the first Icelandic Parliament (Alþingi) was held in 930ad.

Then onto the Akranes Folk Museum, which has many artefacts showing the everyday life of the people of the town, as well as several buildings that have been preserved and moved to the site. Ike saw lots of interesting things but the best was Traff dressed as a fisherman! If you look carefully the mittens have 2 thumbs, one on each side. This was so that they could wear them both ways up and prolong their use – as the palm would otherwise wear out more quickly.

Then onto somewhere a little bit different to stay, a geodesic dome. This is on a farm in the Vatnsdalur valley. While Helen went to make friends with the farm dogs, Ike pondered the view