Ike meets Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh

After visiting Craigmillar Castle, Ike, Jane and friends took the bus into Edinburgh city centre to see the statue and grave of Greyfriars Bobby. They arrived at Chambers Street, where the National Museum of Scotland is located but unfortunately there was no time for a visit on this occasion. The top of Chambers Street turns onto George V Bridge and Candlemaker Row. The statue of Greyfriars Bobby is at the corner of those two streets.

Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier who became well known for guarding the grave of his owner for 14 years before his (Bobby’s) death on 14th January 1872. Bobby was looked after by a local policeman John Gray until his death. Bobby reportedly guarded his master’s grave in the Kirkyard for fourteen years. 

Bobby captured the heart of the Lord Provost, William Chambers (whose statue is nearby on Chambers Street) and the public, who would bring him food and other comforts. Chambers arranged for the City Council to pay Bobby’s dog licence which saved him from being rounded-up and taken away.  The story of the loyal little dog was made into film released by Disney in 1961.

Bobby was buried just outside the Kirkyard near the world-famous bronze statue which was erected a year after he died Bobby’s nose has been rubbed so much that it has turned from dark grey to bronze.

The granite memorial to Bobby is sited in front of the East gable of the Kirk and opposite the main gate of the Kirkyard.  John Gray’s memorial headstone is nearby to the North and is also made of red granite.  

Greyfriars Kirk (Church)

Ike looks around more of the old town in his next post.

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  1. This story is dedicated to a very loyal dog. I love that Bobby’s nose is bronze from being rubbed by visitors to this spot in the Edinburgh city centre!

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