Ike visits Greatford, Lincolnshire – Part 3

There are 10 000 village halls in England and Ike was delighted that his hosts Marian and Martin took him to see the village hall at Greatford. It was built on its present site in 1910, and used to be the cricket pavilion at Shillingthorpe Hall before it was donated to the village.

Greatford School was built in 1762, and closed in 1983.  It had 2 classes, the children from Greatford and the neighbouring village of Barholm went there. Ike will be visiting Barholm later on this trip.

To the north-east of Greatford is the old Roman road of King Street, which has the King Street Drain all along it.  Ike went to have a look at the Roman road, and the drain.  He marvelled at how very straight the road was!  The original Roman road ran from Peterborough to join up with Ermine Street.  It was probably built in the reign of Hadrian after he visited Britain in 122AD.

In the fields around Greatford, Ike was able to catch glimpses of the herds of deer that live all round the village.

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