Ike’s Adventures in North Yorkshire – Part 3

The next day with Heather was beautiful and sunny, so Ike was delighted to walk with her and Mark, along part of the Cleveland Way from the Hayburn Wyke pub. There is a walkers’ car park in a field next to the Hayburn Wyke Inn. We parked there, and started our walk along the Cinder Track, which was the former railway line between Scarborough and Whitby.

We then walked back along part of the Cleveland Way towards the pub, enjoying the views of the dramatic coastline, you could see Scarborough Castle behind us, and towards Ravenscar in front of us.

Ike enjoyed the views and was excited to find 2 caches, one behind a big tree and later one near the old platform on the disused railway.

The Cleveland Way is a National Trail in ancient Cleveland in northern England. It runs 110 miles (177 km) between Helmsley and the Brigg at Filey, skirting the North York Moors National Park. The trail was officially opened in 1969. It was the second official National Trail to be opened. The somewhat strange name ‘Hayburn Wyke’ gives us some clues as to the area’s history. Hayburn is an Anglo Saxon word meaning ‘hunting enclosure by a stream’ and Wyke is the Norse word for ‘sea inlet or creek’ – which combine to describe the landscape of Hayburn Wyke as we know it today.

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  1. A splendid guided trail with beautiful scenery and historical sites. A stunning place to have a picnic!

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