The Yorkshire Job – Day 2

Setting out from Harrogate Team 47 (Jo, Ross & Ike) drove to the Wensleydale Creamery to buy a postcard for Geography Cat and some cheese for future nibbling:

They timed it just right for elevenses and Ike was delighted to be honoured with a paw print coffee:

Ike checked the map to get his bearings before setting off for the next pit stop:

That next pit stop was actually at the Tan Hill Inn, famous for being Britain’s highest public house, at 1,732 feet (528m) above sea level:

Why would anyone build an inn in such a remote spot? Ike wasn’t entirely sure, but then he found out that the inn had previously been at the centre of a small settlement of cottages, homes to miners who worked the coal pits here until 1929. The cottages were demolished after the pit closure but the inn has endured.

The next stop was the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham, purely for research purposes of course:

Strangely Ike fell asleep on the journey home. Funny that!

Come back tomorrow for day 3 of The Yorkshire Job.

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