On the road to Ísafjörður with Ike

Ike, Helen & Traff took a drive through western Iceland to Ísafjörður, passing through Reykjafjörður, Vatnsfjörður , Mjóifjörður, Skötufjörður, Hestfjörður, Seyðisfjörður, Álftafjörður and Skutulsfjörður. That’s a lot a fjörðurs, and the word means fjord. A fjord is an elongated narrow inlet of water by the coast caused by the submergence of a valley which has been overdeepened by glacial erosion. The valley is then submerged when sea levels rise after glaciation.

Points of interest include a small colony of seals and an old farmhouse (Litlibær) that is now a cafe serving fabulous cakes and waffles. Enjoy these photos of a very picturesque day:

You can see where this is located on the map below. Zoom out to see other locations Ike has visited on his Icelandic Adventure.

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