Ike visits the Fellsströnd and Skarðsströnd Peninsula, Iceland

Ike, Helen & Traff continued their July tour of Iceland on a very windy day indeed:

Their main drive was around the Fellsströnd and Skarðsströnd Peninsula. This is between the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the Westfjords and is an important place in the Laxdæla Saga as the matriarch of the clan, Auður the Fair-Minded, lived here. One of the stops was to a church on the Dagverðarnes cape which means “Breakfast cape” as this is where her and her men ate breakfast while looking for the place to settle!

The peninsula is in Breiðafjörður which contains over 3000 islets, many of which can be seen from the road.

Back in the car Helen, Traff and Ike we played a game, “What Is Your Icelandic Name?”. Icelanders mostly do not have family surnames, instead your name is:
First Name + Parents First Name + “son” (men) or “dóttir“ (women)
Historically you used your father’s first name but now sometimes the mother’s name is used. So in the car we had Helen Charlesdóttir & Neil Bruceson (Traff’s real name is Neil…) 
Until next time,
Ike Landafræðison
(landafræði is Icelandic for geography)

You can follow Ike’s Adventures in Iceland on this map:

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  1. 90 km/hour is pretty strong wind! Here in Wellington, New Zealand, our wind speeds can reach gale force at 150 km/h which is unpleasant and can uproot trees and blow roofs off.

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