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GC oversees all orders purrsonally

Who benefits from Geography Cat?

The Geography Cat project benefits two groups of people. Firstly GCSE students and their teachers who use the Learning Guaranteed blog to help with their studies and revision. Secondly, lifelong learners who are simply interested in seeing more of the world through both postcards and Ike’s Adventures. Both of these bring people closer together and spread a little happiness across the globe.

What can you do to help?

By becoming a Geography Cat supporter you will be enabling the project to continue for a least another year, helping to spread the love of geography amongst all people and helping students and teachers access free resources. If the number of supporters is sufficient there may even be enough to invest in future projects (such as a photo book of Ike Adventures for example).

What benefits do supporters receive?

Geography Cat knows that there are many of his friends who already see the benefit in what he does and last year’s successful Crowdfunder showed that his friends don’t need any reward other than just knowing they’re contributing to something good. However, this year GC has put together a Supporter’s Pack for his friends, supporters will receive one of these and a quarterly mewsletter emailed from the furry geographer himself. You can purchase a Supporter’s Pack (and additional items) my new shop. Or check it out right here:

Just want to receive Mews?

If you would like to make a donation and be a Geography Cat Supporter in order to receive the Mews without the supporters’ pack, please email me at or send GC a direct message on his Facebook page and GC will send payment details. An annual online subscription to Mews, which is four issues, costs £11.99

Why does Geography Cat need supporters?

If you’re reading this you probably already know what Geography Cat does, but you might not know that it costs nearly a thousand pounds a year to keep the project up and running. Why so much? It’s mostly fees for GoDaddy and WordPress to keep the blogs running and ad-free, then there’s the annual fee for the Royal Mail PO Box, which is needed because the project is run from GC’s home, not from an office address. Additional costs come from packaging and posting Ike to various addresses several times a year, and unexpected losses – a couple of times people have thought that Ike was a gift not a loan and he had to be replaced! 🙁

Do I have to become a supporter?

Absolutely not, you can still follow Geography Cat’s postcards, Paw Print Map and Ike’s Adventures all for free, and use the Learning Guaranteed blog to find out about topics covered in GCSE geography too. Geography Cat is committed to the principle of free education for all, it’s just that it costs him to do so and so he’s asking those who want to, to help out with the costs, that’s all. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Thank you for reading

Ike’s already looking forward to Volume 2!