Ike & Geography Cat create some pumpkin magic together

Ike helped Geography Cat’s humans to choose a pumpkin from one of the twenty thousand available at Nottinghmahire’s Pick Your Own Pumpkins on Haywood Oaks Lane, Blidworth. If you have opportunity to pick your own, then it’s a lovely thing to do because it’s a great way to get outside and see how the pumpkins grow, and you are directly supporting local farmers. It’s a good hour’s worth of family fun in a safe outdoors environment, and choosing your own makes the subsequent pumpkin carving even more exciting.

Geography Cat posed whilst his human carved the pumpkin. It was her first attempt and she was very careful with all the sharps.

Apparently not everyone realises that pumpkins are for eating, not just carving, so in an attempt to be a responsible pumpkin consumer she used half of the flesh to make pumpkin & ginger soup, and the other half to make pumpkin, coconut and chickpea curry. They were both delicious, and this was proved to be just as well because there was a lot of both!

After such a hearty meal it was time to relax with something suitable:

Geography Cat and Ike both look pleased with the result.

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  1. After a very long process from farm to plate, a wonderful series of creations were achieved. Happy Halloween GC Headquarters!

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