Ike meets the cats of Wellington

Whilst in Wellington, New Zealand Aotearoa Ike tried to make as many new friends as he could, and with Chelsea’s help he was very successful! The photo montage above shows: Left to right, top row: Lola, Angus, Bonnie, Lola, Mittens, Monty, Zion. Middle row: Jenga, Angus, Angus again, Bonnie, Jim, Jim again. Bottom row: Monty, Jim, Basil, Jim, Bonnie, Bonnie again, Cru the dog.

Mittens is very famous indeed and Chelsea took Ike to see an exhibition dedicated to him:

During the lockdown period many Wellingtonians submitted their artwork of Mittens and it was also displayed at the exhibition:

You can follow Mittens on Instagram. Or read all about him receiving the keys to the city.

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