Ike visits the Wellington coastline

In this post Geography Cat’s friend Chelsea is taking Ike around the coastal suburbs of Wellington, New Zealand Aotearoa. Ike’s local coastal adventure begins on the northwest coast of the Miramar Peninsula, at Maupuia, which he visited with Chelsea’s friend Diana.

You can track Ike’s progress by following the yellow dots on this map. The yellow star is our start point at Maupuia:

Chelsea’s first stop with Ike is here at Point Halswell Lighthouse on the northern tip of the Miramar Peninsula, see also the title image which shows Ike looking out from this shore:

Point Halswell Lighthouse

Close by to the lighthouse is the Massey Memorial, which is the mausoleum of New Zealand Prime Minister William Massey who died in service in 1925:

The suburb of Days Bay lies across Wellington Harbour:

The Atatürk Memorial is situated on the southern edge of Miramar, looking out over Cook Strait, on a ridge above Tarakena Bay. The site was chosen for its likeness to the landscape of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881 – 1938), became the first president of the Republic of Turkey following the fall of the Ottoman Empire to Turkish troops fighting for independence under Atatürk’s leadership:

Next Chelsea took Ike to see Lyall Bay to the west:

At the south end of Lyall Bay is the Moai, a gift from the Chilean government to New Zealand:

Half an hour’s drive away to the east is the Te Kopahou/Red Rocks Reserve. The rocks are a mix of silica and iron oxide called chert.

On his next jaunt around Wellington with Chelsea Ike meets a number of cats who are “world famous in New Zealand.”

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  1. A stunning diversity of seascapes created by tectonic action. I enjoyed reading about the Gallipoli memorial which has been a new addition in the past 5 years.

    1. Are you sure? I thought the Ataturk Memorial was unveiled in 1990, but might be mistaken 🐾❤️

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