Ike learns about Emmeline Pankhurst at Headingley Library, Leeds

Geography Cat’s good friend Sara took Ike along to Headingley Library in Leeds to learn about Emmeline Pankhurst,  leader of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), known as the ‘suffragettes’. This library event was in celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, and at the time of posting it has just been Libraries Week in the UK, “an annual showcase and celebration of the best that libraries have to offer”, read more about it here.

You can see that Ike took his notebook along, later he also checked out this website to learn more about Mrs Pankhurst and add to his notes.

This special display is just one example of the great work done by public libraries. They are essential in creating and maintaining healthy communities, educating, entertaining and informing, providing resources for job seekers and keeping history alive and relevant. Public libraries have been under enormous financial pressure in recent times and yet are needed now as much as ever.

If your local library is still open please support it by becoming a member, if you are not one already. Borrow some books and get involved whenever you can. Like any community, it is only as strong as its members make it.

Sara also took Ike to see this little free library in Meanwood. The Little Free Library Project is a worldwide movement to promote a love of reading, inspire creativity and encourage community engagement. The UK chapter of the project has a Facebook page you might be interested in following, and if you have one near you maybe you could take Ike to see it the next time you make an exchange?