Mortain, France

Geography Cat’s official stunt double Ike went to Normandy, France on location with his friends Cheryl & Roger. From the town of Mortain, he set off to explore the largest waterfalls in this part of France. Following the River Cancon he soon found a rock formation called the Needle of Mortain – legend has it that this rock was inhabited by fairies. Ike couldn’t smell any fairies, but enjoyed seeing this mass of quartzite:

Climbing through the gorge, Ike then found the first of the 2 waterfalls. Here the Cancon flows under the Devils Bridge and forms the Petit Cascade:

The path then climbed steeply to a viewpoint high above Mortain giving a panorama of the whole town:

Then the walk continued to the village of Le Neufbourg where the three adventurers visited the church of St. Hilaire:

Further on, Ike then came to the Grande Cascade where the Cancon falls 25 metres through the wooded valley:

Finally, Ike visited the Abbaye Blanche which was founded in the 12th Century as part of the order of Cistercians:

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  1. What a special place to walk through – all of MY favourite things: rocks, water, forests and historical buildings. Purfectly cared for!

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