Hobart, Tasmania

Ike finished off his tour Tasmanian Adventure with a trip to the state capital of Hobart with his dear friend Jimena. The photograph above shows him looking out over Sandy Bay, a suburb just south of downtown Hobart.

Jimena and Ike went to the historic court house:

And walked around the University campus:

Before heading to the airport where Ike enjoyed messing around on this artwork before heading back to mainland Australia:

Ike’s had a fantastic time in Tasmania, he’s been in awe of its beauty, inspired by its wildlife and saddened by its history. If you’ve missed any of his Tasmanian Adventure posts, here they all are in one place:

Thank you for joining my intrepid stunt double on his Tasmanian Adventure. Jimena has kindly agreed to take to take him to a couple of places on mainland Australia too, but he’s jetting off somewhere completely different before then. I wonder where…?

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  1. Tasmania is truly awe inspiring – Definitely on my Bucket List! Jimena and Ike took some amazingly beautiful photographs that whet my appetite to travel there one day.

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