Cradle Mountain, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats & more

Ike’s Tasmanian Adventure continues as Jimena takes him to the Cradle Mountain – Lake Clair National Park in the Central Tasmanian Highlands.

Ike maintains a safe distance from these Tasmanian devils

You can find out more about this wildlife sanctuary at Devils@Cradle.

Eastern quolls
Spotted tail quolls

Next Jimena & Ike walked through the Enchanted Forest and Overland Track areas:

Alpine coral fern
Look closely
Black currawong
Guess who lives in these burrows
Look carefully
For scale – Ike is 18cm nose to tail

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  1. 🤩 The 🇦🇺 continent has the most unique wildlife. Quolls are my favourite! The island terrain of Tasmania is truly magnificent and of World Heritage importance.

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