Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania

This looks interesting….

Geography Cat’s official stunt double Ike took a trip to Narawntapu with his good friend Jimena. This National Park has a variety of environments including the coastline, sand dunes, lagoons and the lower course of the Tamar River. It is located on the central north coast of Tasmania.

A pademelon

Ike was excited to see some Tasmanian pademelons. These marsupials are related to wallabies and kangaroos, but considerably smaller with males weighing in at around 7kg, and females 4kg. They are noctural and spend the daytime in the shade of the bush where possible.


Later Ike saw some Bennett’s wallabies, also called red-necked wallabies. These are also mainly noctural herbivores and can grow up to 18kg, and nearly a metre long.

Bennett’s wallabies
Nice looking tracks made by the Bennett’s wallabies
Look closely at this picture
Beautiful view on a lovely day, lucky Ike

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  1. Ike and Jimena, your observational skills are superb. Those wallabies were so well camouflaged! I had never heard of a marsupial called a Pademelon. I am off to investigate further!

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