Ike travels the West Coast Wilderness Railway, Tasmania

Geography Cat’s official stunt double Ike loves trains. Jimena took him with her on the West Coast Wilderness Railway journey from Strahan to Queenstown, western Tasmania, Australia.

This railway is now a tourist attraction, but originally it was built as part of the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company, a copper mining company formed in 1893 and operating until 1994.

Tree ferns of the cool temperate rainforest surround the station
Notice the steep sides of the railway cutting
The toothed rack rail allows trains to climb (and descend) steep gradients

Throughout operations the mining company extracted over a million tonnes of copper, 750 tonnes of silver and 45 tonnes of gold.

Rainforests aren’t called rainforests for no reason!

Ike really enjoyed the trip, thanks Jimena xx

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  1. What a wonderful trip on a steam train! A very interesting place in stunning natural bush. WOW!

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