Sneinton, Nottingham – A cave, a castle, a dragon and more

Thank you so much to Marie for sharing this Cat Walk of her neighbourhood. Marie sent the sketch map and photographs into Geography Cat with some information about each site. Geography Cat put it all together to present it like this. If you would like to do the same, please email your Cat Walk to

Geography is good for you. Take notice, be active, keep learning, connect and share with others.

3 Replies to “Sneinton, Nottingham – A cave, a castle, a dragon and more”

  1. Very weird seeing castles and Dutch-style windmills together in the lowlands of Great Britain. Why? The Dutch colonized there and integrated their culture with existing cultural landmarks.

    1. I didn’t think the Dutch ever colonised Britain, and surely Nottinghamshire doesn’t count as the “lowlands”!

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