A walk around Kemnay with Storm

Storm looking over Kemnay from his vantage point

I hope you enjoyed my recent cat-walk with my sister Clara. This time we are out and about around Kemnay, Aberdeenshire.

During the 19th century, granite was exported from Kemnay and used to build such edifices as the Forth Bridge, theThames Embankment and most notably the Marischal College, Aberdeen.
The area beside the quarry is now a landscape sculpture with trees planted in it. This is where we went for our walk. Here is a map of the walk, taken from Clara’s tracker:

This is where we began:

Both Clara and Storm at the point of origin for this cat-walk

There are paths through the woods which are overgrown, above head height for us cats. The trees are growing quite tall now, our human walked “between them” when he moved here and walks “under them” now. The whole area is dotted with features like the rocks we jump up on to see the way ahead; some parts of big block wall and the zig-zagging paths to the viewpoint, though we do a bit more zig-zagging than that.

Looking ahead to see where we’re going

Once up at the view point, you can look down into the big hole from the quarry, not the industry it once was. You can also see all around, across to Pitfichie Hill and Bennachie and get a good view of Kemnay.

Looking down into the old quarry
Clara looking over Kemnay
Looking to the west of Kemnay
Pitfichie Hill

We like looking down on it so much that we’ll sit watching for ages, enjoying the peace, which is only interrupted by our human’s pleas to set off for home. Humans can’t see so well when it’s dark in the woods and Clara is almost invisible in the dark.

Can you see Clara in the gloom?
Almost time to go home

Clara and I really hope you’ve enjoyed our cat walks. Please send your cat walks into Geography_Cat@aol.com too. You don’t need to be a cat, or even have a cat, to get involved. Be active, get connected, share your experiences, learn something new and be aware of your surroundings, wherever you are. Geography is good for you.

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  1. What a fantastic walk with Storm and Clara! Storm is an excellent guide. Thank you for sharing your walk around Kemnay with us.

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