Year 5&6 fieldwork in the school grounds

I love the outdoors!

Dear Year 5 and Year 6 students,

The year 2 class in your school drew me some lovely postcards to show me what your school grounds are like. I’ve asked them to draw some maps of the school grounds too. And I asked years 3 and 4 to go out and use a compass to find out which places of your school grounds face in each direction. I wonder if you would like to get involved too?

I drew this sketch map of your school grounds, but I haven’t actually been there, so you could help me to improve it. If you could take some measurements for me and add a scale I would be very grateful. You will need a long measuring tape, or a metre-wheel. If you ask your teacher they will probably have one you can use. It would be even better if you can draw your own maps, and if your teacher sends me some photos of them I’ll be able to add them to this blog, so the whole world can see them!

It’s easier to find things on a map if you also add a grid of lines going north to south and east to west. Then you can use grid references to show where something is. If you can draw a grid onto your map and use grid references to tell me the location of the pond, or the greenhouse, or the North East corner of the field for example, I would be extremely impressed!

Please remember to be take care out there, and send me some pictures of what you have achieved. I can’t wait to see them.

Lots of love from,

Geography Cat x

Here I am walking in a south-westerly direction.
You can see my summer house in the distance.

Update – look at this great geography work

Thank you very much to Home Farm Primary School students and staff, especially Miss Harper who contacted Geography Cat.

If your school would like to work with Geography Cat please get in touch:

Ike looks like he’s stuck up there
Geography Cat is very impressed by the work of students at Home Farm Primary

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