Year 1&2 fieldwork in the school grounds with Ike

Geography Cat sent his stunt double Ike to help the students at Home Farm Primary School

Dear Year 2 students,

Thank you very much for the lovely postcards you made for me. I hope you are enjoying looking after Ike, and that he is behaving himself. I love your drawings and your messages.

Neat handwriting and good spelling, well done Year 2 🙂

I would like to know more about the geography of your school grounds. Maybe you could ask your teachers and Year 1 to help too. Don’t forget to take Ike outside with you so you can take some photographs of your fieldwork for me.

I’d love to see a photo of Ike at the top of the slide, and in one of the trees. You could take a photo of him in the greenhouse, and by the pond, but be very careful!

The photograph I used to show your school grounds is taken from high up in the sky above your school. Photographs are really useful in geography, but maps can be even better because they are easier to read. I imagined that I was flying over your school and I drew a map looking straight down. Please can you help me by drawing arrows onto my map to show where all the things in your drawings are?

Why not try to draw your own map of the school grounds too? If you ask your teacher to send me some photographs of your maps, and of Ike in different places, then I can add them to this blog so that everyone can see what excellent geographers you are.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love from,

Geography Cat x

Update – look at these great pieces of work

Thank you very much to Home Farm Primary School students and staff, especially Miss Harper who contacted Geography Cat.

If your school would like to work with Geography Cat please get in touch:

Ike had a great time at Home Farm Primary
Geography Cat is very impressed by the work of students at Home Farm Primary

37 Replies to “Year 1&2 fieldwork in the school grounds with Ike”

  1. This looks so interesting, can’t wait for the answers to GC’s questions. Excellent drawings 😊

  2. Well done! I’ll show this post to my students (it’ll take some time because it is the summer holidays here in Finland).

  3. What a fun project. Looking forward to the students’ replies.

  4. I love all those clever drawings and Ike looks as if he likes them too. Well done!

  5. What a cool project, i love investigating things, it should be fun to get the information GC is looking for. Have fun!

  6. What a super theme/idea to begin map work skills with the most junior learners! Every school ground is different. I LOVE the post cards especially. I am looking forward to seeing the final presentation. Well done to all participants!

      1. As soon as your teacher sends me some photos of your work I’ll put them up on this post too 🐾❤️

  7. I have sent Geography cat some of our work. I will send him more on Monday. Glad you all enjoyed it!

    1. I’m so pleased 🐾❤️ I’ll be posting some photos of the work tomorrow 🐾💚

  8. What lovely work! I look forward to seeing some more. It sounds as if you all had fun and Ike sid too. Well done all of you.

  9. Your maps are very good. Map reading is a very important skill which everyone should learn.

  10. What great work you’ve done here. Well done everyone. Ike and Geography Cat look very impressed too!

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