World Book Day 2019

A few of Geography Cat’s favourite books

“The more you read,

the more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Suess

Geography Cat reads a lot of great books, and you can probably guess what his favourite non-fiction books might be about.

If you’re looking for some recommendations, and especially if you are a teenager or young adult who loves geography, why not try some of these:

Geography Cat never dresses up, not for anything, ever! But his human assistant will be going to school as one of her favourite book characters, here’s a clue:

If you’re all grown-up and think World Book Day is a silly thing then Geography Cat urges you to think again. No-one has to dress up, it doesn’t have to cost anything, and it’s a wonderful excuse to go to your local library, take your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, or just take yourself.

If you’re thinking about buying a book, Geography Cat recommends asking a friendly assistant* at the local bookshop. You can’t have a conversation with the Rainforest online retailer, but you can have a lovely time talking books at the bookshop.

Happy World Book Day, with love from Geography Cat

*Thank you to Jonny at Waterstones, Nottingham