Askola, Finland (Giant’s Kettles/Glacial Potholes)


Thank you so much to Nappi for sending this postcard from Askola, Finland.

The images on the right show Hiidenkirnut also called Giant’s Kettles or glacial potholes. These features are large cylindrical holes drilled into the bedrock when it was covered by a glacier.

Giant's kettle illustration
Diagram to show the formation of hiidenkirnut by Jasmin Ros [CCO]
Debris grinding on the bedrock like this is called abrasion.

Glacial potholes in banded sandstone, Shelburne Falls, MA, USA (photo credit: P Franz)

There are quite a few YouTube clips of glacial potholes if you want to look at more. Geography Cat really likes this one:


The photograph on the left side of the postcard shows Finnish author Johannes Linnankoski (1869-1913), who was born in Askola.


Location of Askola (Google Maps)

Geography Cat would also like you to see the lovely postage stamp that brought the postcard to his paw:


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