Nottingham is one of the best cities in the world. Geography Cat very rarely makes such a bold statement so something must have his whiskers twitching!

Thank you so much to Marie for sending this postcard which she made from her own photograph. Geography Cat is purring with geographical pleasure because Nottingham is his home town.


Here’s another card with some Hoodwinked Robins around Nottingham, this is is from Sally:


Nottingham is centrally located in England, on the banks of the River Trent, among low lying sandstone hills. Nottingham is famously linked to the legend of Robin Hood, shown here played by Errol Flynn in the 1938 film:

Picture: Warner Bros.

Nottingham is also the home of many sporting venues and legends, such as Brian Clough and Nottingham Forest:

shilton and cloughie
Peter Shilton & Brian Clough, 1982 (Credit: S MAG)
NFFC City Ground, next to the swollen River Trent

Notts County FC is the oldest professional association football club in the world,  established in 1862:

NCFC Meadow Lane, photograph from 1962 showing terraced stands (Source Unknown)
NCFC, Meadow Lane, credit on image

There’s something sporty for everyone in Nottingham, here’s the National Water Sports Centre (photo by Alex Wilkinson), Trent Bridge Cricket Ground (credit unknown), Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey (photo by Motorpoint Arena):


Nottingham was also home to eighteenth century hell-raiser and poet Lord Byron, and nineteenth century novelist D. H. Lawrence:


If Geography Cat didn’t already live here then he definitely want to visit Nottingham. Whilst on his tour of the city he would use its award winning public transport:


Sustainable Public Transport (Credit Jonathan Jones)

And Geography Cat would not worry too much about which one of these three public houses was the oldest, he’d* go to all three:


All this and we’ve only scratched the surface of Nottingham, for more information you should take at look at Visit Nottinghamshire or Tours of Nottingham.

Nottingham has its issues too of course; crime, floods, homelessness, the decline of the high street, to name just some. However, Geography Cat’s experience is that the attitude of Nottingham people is one of optimism and a readiness to work at improving things instead of just complaining about them. It might not be Gotham City but Nottingham is home to heroes:

Batman’s Wayne Manor is actually Wollaton Hall, Nottingham (photo:Visit England)




*Geography Cat does not drink alcohol. No cats are ever harmed, or even inconvenienced at Geography Cat HQ!