Newquay, Cornwall (waves, skate park & surfing)


Thanks to Chris for sending this card from Newquay, Cornwall.

When Geography Cat receives a postcard he does some research. This morning his research on Newquay lead him to discover that a world-class skate park has just opened there.


newquay skatepark
Brand new world class Skatepark in Newquay Photo:Maverick Industries


Geography Cat has never tried skateboarding but his highly atuned Geo-Whiskers can see that it’s all about the angles, all about the curves; just like waves and surfing. Newquay is also one of Britain’s best surfing spots. Newquay teenager Kamron Matthews broke a world record for being the youndest surfer to successfully take on the world famous Cornish Cribbar wave two years ago in 2016 (Kamron was 15 at the time). The wave is named after a rocky shelf that lies just below the water level, adding to the combination of tides and weather that form the rare phenomenon.


surfing newquay boy by neil hope
15 year old Kamron Matthews on the Cornish Cribbar Wave, photographed by Neil Hope

Find out more about breaking waves here.


breaking wave