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Geography Cat knows that The World isn’t just somewhere else; it’s here, right now. Geography really does begin at home and it’s all around you wherever you go. We should value the places we live in as much as the places we travel to. And so, with that in mind Geography Cat invites you to send him a postcard from wherever you are, and wherever you go. Let’s show respect and appreciation for our wonderful world.

All postcards received will be featured here*, with your message of respect and hope for the world (you don’t need to put your name if you don’t want to). Maybe you’ve noticed something about the geography of where you live, maybe you’ve fallen in love with a new landscape, or maybe you’ve made a commitment to become more environmentally aware. Even if you just want to say hi to Geography Cat send your postcard to:

Geography Cat

PO Box 10716



United Kingdom


*Postcards must be appropriate for Geography Cat and his readers!


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