Ike at the Colosseum
  1. Ike remains the property of Geography Cat, he is on loan to you for the duration of your adventure together.
  2. Please look after Ike. He really shouldn’t be any trouble, but if he does do a dive-bomb into a muddy puddle it’d be great if you could clean him up before you return him please.
  3. Your safety is paramount to Ike’s enjoyment – he does not want you to lean over any barriers or put yourself in harm’s way just to get a great shot. If it can’t be done safely then just don’t do it!
  4. Your photos of Ike should be sent to Geography_Cat@aol.com with some information if possible and definitely the location.
  5. You can wait until you get home to send your photos. Ike’s photos are posted AFTER your adventure, not during.
  6. Geography Cat reserves the right to choose which of your photographs to use. They must be in keeping with the spirit of Geography Cat’s mission of education and well being through geography. Geography Cat prefers not to post photos of children and will assume that you have asked permission of anyone who appears in an Ike photo.
  7. Please do not post Ike photos to your social media until AFTER Geography Cat has done so.
  8. The rights to Ike photographs become property of Geography Cat once you have submitted them. That’s the only way Geography Cat can use them on his social media, blogs and future written material. His naps and snoozes cannot be interrupted by worries over copyright.
  9. Please return Ike promptly at the end of your adventure, he doesn’t get long between adventures and the next host will be waiting for him. When returning Ike please make sure he is properly packaged and has a return address. Some carriers do not deliver to PO Boxes, therefore when you are sending him back to Geography Cat please contact us for the home address.
  10. Finally, have fun with Ike but don’t let him ruin your holiday! It’s meant to be fun.